Segundo Domingo de Adviento: Our Advent wreath

El ajetreo diario no me permitió enseñaros nuestra corona de adviento así que aprovecho el segundo domingo para traerla al blog y además, para internacionalizarnos, os cuento la historia en inglés, se lo han pasado a mis hijos en clase de inglés (el año pasado os lo conté en español y podéis verlo pinchando aquí )

Advent marks the start of the Christmas season. It last four Sundays. So the date it begins changes from year to year.

The word advent, from Latin, means “The coming”. It is a time of cheer and anticipation. The home or family Advent devotion includes the ceremonial lighting of candles in the Advent wreath.

An Advent wreath is made from greens to symbolize continuous life and contains four candles –three purple and one rose (in other countries, usually white or red in Spain). They mean hope, peace, love and joy.

Often a fifth candle (white) is added to the center of the wreath for lighting on Christmas Eve, in celebration of the birth of Jesus.

The family or home advent devotion can be flexible to your family`s personal taste. Adding bible versos, carols o whatever your family chooses.

Often the lighting of the candle/s is before dinner or right after sunset.

The candle lighting is progressive from week to week, preparing the way for the coming of Jesus.

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  1. Muy muy chulo, menudo peligro mi peque superfanático de las velas. Besos.

  2. Tienes un premio en mi blog. Felicidades.


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